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Meet the InBody 770, the market's leading body analysis machine. It's a top-tier choice for comprehensive health insights, trusted by hospitals, professional athletes, and even space agencies like NASA. Forlooks NYC Clinic offers the only InBody 770 accessible to the public in Manhattan. 

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Track Your Fitness Progress With Precision

To ensure you reach your goals and stay motivated during fitness programs, InBody’s state-of-the-art technology offers precise tracking of fat loss, body composition, body water and muscle gain, while keeping you engaged with success-driven programming.

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InBody 770 - Precise Tracking Fitness Goals

Empower Yourself: Take Charge of Your Health.

In under a minute, the InBody 770 precisely measures your body composition and promptly generates a detailed report. This invaluable document lists all the essential elements of your body composition, offering a powerful tool for tracking your progress over time. With the InBody 770, you gain insights into crucial aspects of your health, including:

  • Skeletal Muscle Mass
  • Percent Body Fat
  • Body Fat Mass
  • Basal Metabolic Rate
  • Visceral Fat Level

…and much more!

Make informed decisions and proactively approach your wellness journey with the unparalleled data provided by the InBody 770.

Gain deeper understanding through comprehensive data analysis.
Equip yourself with knowledge to take greater command of your health and well-being.

Embarking on a Healthier Path Through Weight Reduction.

Losing weight is often seen as a significant strategy for cultivating a healthier way of life. Commonly, we enlist our trusty bathroom scale as the witness to our weight loss journey. Yet, have you ever felt that your recent diet or exercise plan seems to yield only fleeting success, and occasionally you find yourself gaining back more than you lost? Does it seem as though your efforts are not yielding the results you anticipated? This could be due to the deceptive feedback your scale provides.

Rethink the Role of the Scale
Our body weight is a composite of muscle, fat, and water content. The essence of effective weight reduction lies in shedding surplus body fat, not just lowering the numbers on the scale. It is crucial to understand that losing weight doesn’t necessarily equate to losing fat. Rather than obsessing over your weight, turn to body composition analysis as a more insightful gauge of your well-being.

The Power of Body Composition Analysis
Body composition analysis entails a detailed evaluation of the different elements of your body – including muscles, fat, and water. It encourages you to move beyond the sole focus on a single numerical scale reading, allowing you to target specific goals like reducing body fat percentage and increasing muscle mass, while keeping body water levels in balance. Body composition analysis stands as a cornerstone for monitoring and sustaining impactful weight loss. Embark on a weight loss journey that is more intelligent, health-conscious, and fulfilling than you’ve ever imagined.

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